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No doubt about it- winter has arrived! I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like living in a house with no heating or even worse sleeping rough on the street. The beautiful winter woollies that you send in to kogo, not only provide physical warmth but also emotional warmth to the recipients because they know that the community cares about their situation.

Why We Do What We Do

It was both heart warming and heart breaking to receive the following email from a lady who is currently homeless:

Hello I am writing from a homeless refuge, I currently reside here for a short stay and the staff have been very nice to us. Many donations have been given here including your knits -  just in time!!! I am writing to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the lovely warm and new handmade woollies that I am wearing every day. As a homeless person you always need to have a scarf or hat every minute of the day or else you get a cold straight away. When I was living outside it was horrific especially the ridicule.

No one would help, just no one would put me up not for even one night. That’s why I know people like you who are caring to think of the homeless mean the world to us in a time when no one cares. When we come into these places we are fortunate to be given so much of the worldly things that usually we would not get. There are a lot of rough

people here there’s also an air of danger and sin. It so lovely to see these bright, warm, healing woollies that you have donated. It’s like you are enveloped in earth mother love. For us it is the only love we will get for the

moment. Thanks.

World Wide Knitting in Public Day 

Saturday June 9th was World Wide Knitting in Public Day. Many thanks to Anne Soo from Brunswick Uniting Church knitters who organised an event which was very well attended by both knitters and crocheters, including Helen Katz, one of our regular kogo volunteers.  Helen came away with 5 shopping bags full of donated items for kogo that had          been previously made by their knitting group.

Life's Little Treasures

This great organisation is dedicated to providing support, friendship and information, specifically tailored for families of premature or sick babies. They provide these babies with special hand knitted LLT teddy bears. They cannot keep up with the demand for these teddies, so they have asked us to help out. Please note that there are very specific requirements for this teddy because of the vulnerable babies to which they are donated. We have a pattern of a teddy bear with all the approved requirements of the teddy bear which is posted on our website.

SMALL Teddy Bear Pattern
LARGE Teddy Bear Pattern

Fingerless Gloves

These items are very quick to make and a great way to use up scraps of wool. They are very much appreciated by people in need – especially those who are living on the streets. The pattern can be found on our website.

Fingerless Gloves Pattern 

Drop Offs

We have had a few inquiries recently asking whether we have received items that were dropped off at non-Victorian Lincraft stores. This alerted us to a problem that there has been a glitch in the system and there has been a build-up of kogo items interstate. This has been rectified and we are expecting an avalanche of items next week!

A reminder that drop off locations can be found here on the website 

When the red flag appears on the location map, you need to left click on the flag to get the address details.

Monetary Donations

Many thanks to the Caulfield Park Community Bank and Balwyn Rotary Club for their wonderful ongoing financial support.

Thank You Viva Energy Australia

For their Good Deeds Week period in April, the staff at Viva Energy undertook to make this beautiful blanket which was then donated to kogo.

MDA Unity Day Street Market

kogo will be running a stall at the MDA (Magen David Adom) street market on Sunday 29th July at St Kilda Town Hall from 3pm to 6.30pm. Entry is $5 per adult and $20 per family. 

Read more about the event here.

We will be selling yarn, buttons and ribbons at bargain prices as well as displaying some of our amazing donations. We would love to see you there!

From Try South Yarra Preschool

Ardoch Services recently let us know about your service and suggested we contact you to place an order for our children and families. We were enormously fortunate to receive the most amazing selection of blankets, scarves, jumpers, gloves and baby packs.

All of those goods have been so greatly received by the families here on the Horace Petty Public Housing Estate.  The delight that the mums took in choosing blankets, gloves, scarves for their children and themselves was heart-warming.  The families were so grateful for your wonderful skills. The opportunity for families who are often experiencing significant disadvantage to receive these most beautiful handmade items has been wonderful. It’s been fabulous to see the children/siblings/mums with scarves, gloves/jumpers coming into kindergarten all rugged up.  

 Please send our sincere thanks to the wonderful knitters who created these ‘masterpieces’ and to Kogo for distributing.  Your work is fantastic!!!!

 Thank you again.



We were very saddened to hear about the untimely passing of one of our long term volunteers Liz Cavell. Liz has been donating the most beautiful and creative items to kogo for many years. The world is a small place but the kogo world is even smaller! When Liz went into Palliative Care, someone who knew her and her passion for knitting and donating to kogo passed on her stash of yarn and unfinished treasures to a knitting group that also donates to kogo.

Myrta (one of the ladies in this group) undertook to finish several of the blankets (including the 2 pictured below) even though she had never even met Liz. 


I feel so privileged and humbled to be part of this extended kogo family!